Wanted - Renault 8 Gordini
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    Default Wanted - Renault 8 Gordini

    I have been contacted by Kerry Bennet of Orange who is interested in acquiring a Renault 8 Gordini (1967 R1135) in good condition and in the traditional French Blue with white stripe. He owned a Renault 8 over 40 years ago and has has seen some on the Shannons Club website which rekindled his interest in acquiring one. He is under no allusions about their current market value and would like someone to contact him if they have one for sale. I did suggest that he join aussiefrogs to make contact with possible sellers but he was unable to do so. So I offered to do this on his behalf. His contact details are email [email protected] and his mobile number is 0408266342. I hope someone in Oz or elsewhere can help Kerry in his quest.



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    Hi bazzamac. I note you received no replies to your query. I would suspect not through rudeness but R8Gs are extremely hard to come by. I had my feelers out for many years to no avail so my Mate (Mark T) and I started perusing English, European and Sth African web sites and magazines. Eventually an R8G in good condition surfaced in Sth Africa and Mark was all over it like a rash. After he imported the car and did all the hard work with regard to shipping and customs etc I purchased the car from him. It is not an Australian delivered car but that doesn't bother me as it is a genuine R8G. So tell your friend not to give up hope, they are available but alas, quite rarely. I have got to say it was worth the wait as the Gordini is an absolute collectable classic and those of us that are fortunate enough to own one, do so proudly. Good luck with your search.
    Chopper Bob

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