Renault Master van timing belt
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    Default Renault Master van timing belt

    Hi all,
    I bought my 06 master van in july this year & so far shes been pretty sweet.
    Unfortunately there was no indication of when the timing belt was last changed, no sticker in the engine bay & no receipts for work done. So I took it upon myself to get the belt changed. The van has done 190K so its at least due for the 2nd change. I needed some assurance that it wasn't gonna break & cause engine damage.

    I then shopped around for a few weeks, calling different workshops for quotes.
    Workshop 1 called was Renault in Richmond. Their quote just to do timing belt was $1695!!
    This gave me the heeby jeebies a bit because I didn't know what to expect.
    Workshop 2 was Cox Automotive in South Melb, their quote $1395 & they needed the van for 2 days!
    Workshop 3 is a Renault specialist in North Altona. his quote $750!
    I took the van in today & he had the timing belt done by 3pm. He called me & said he'll only charge me $650...YAY!


    Very happy with the price. Hope all goes well from here.
    How can these other workshops charge that much.
    This guy that did the work was very knowledgeable & really helpful through the process.
    So far I recommend this workshop. We'll see how it all goes.

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    I just hope that he replaced the timing kit rather than just the belt otherwise it will be false economy.
    The bit that often breaks on these is not the belt itself, but the plastic bits that come in the kit.

    For your own piece of mind, it may pay you to check the invoice or ring and check direct what parts he replaced.

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    I suppose it depends on what you got for your $. A timing belt kit should have all the new rollers/guides/ pulleys as well, as they are plastic and can break and are often the cause of failure. Sometimes (not sure on the Master) they replace the dephaser sprocket which can cause a rattling sound on start up. I would always want the whole kit plus water pump as a minimum altho you could get away with not replacing the water pump and take the punt I suppose.

    Edit . See post above which was posted while I was compiling mine!
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    Default Renault Master kit replacement

    Re: Renault Master Timing Belt

    I had the same issue.

    No indication of belt replacement in the log books and up against the recommended km (90K) but well over the four year interval.

    Local commercial vehicle mob did the kit replacement on afternoon shift with a loan van for $895 fixed price.

    Now the boys can all go to Bathurst in peace, riding in a 12 seater bus with trailer, knowing the belt is done.

    Aghh, I can feel a XXXX coming on ....

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    Yeah, sorry guys, I meant the timing belt kit...of course

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