505 Front Brakes
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    505 Front Brakes

    Just changing the brake pads on the wifes Series 2 505 GTi and i got the wrong ones for the front. I've got the right ones on order now and the auto shop will swap the sets over.
    What I'm curious about the different types of calipers on 505's and also mounting positions. Was it the GTi's that had different calipers or the Series 2 505's? BTW I haven't got a haynes for this car to look up either. Any info would be good please.


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    I think any solid disc 505 can come with either of the calipers. It was just two different suppliers that Peugeot used (a bit like the fact that some Pugs have Ducellier starter motors and some have Paris-Rhone, or some have Ducellier headlights and some have Marchal). Australia usually got most of one and very few of the other/s when it came to starter motors, headlights, etc.

    In Australia, I think most or all 505s sold here before 1984 have the Teves calipers, whereas most if not all sold after this have the Bendix calipers. I think this is just the way that things worked out for Australia.

    As far as I know all the 505s with vented front discs (Turbo, V6) have Teves calipers.

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