Achievable or not?
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    Default Achievable or not?


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    Facta, non verba.....deeds not words is my first comment.

    Secondly regardless of product range, cut price servicing and extra dealers, if the dealers don't commit to offering enthusiasm about their products and providing quality customer service then they are dreaming.

    Lastly the dealers must also be backed up by the importer Simes Darby so that dealers and customers can have confidence in the whole supply chain including warranty claims. All in all I wish them luck they'll need it......

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    I have the same opinion. It is the dealers that kill or keep alive a car here (and most likely everywhere else).

    Renault didn't manage to crack it, their dealership network is still non existent in WA and am not sure how they fare elsewhere, but if WA is anything to go by they're not doing that great.
    Citroen has managed to get into another dealership which brings the total up to two in this state, Peugeot has two and one only is a dedicated Pug dealer, but still short of staff and with pretty average customer service.

    I am sure people will come in with nice examples of good dealers from the eastern states, but keep in mind you need the entire network to act as one. Look at Volkswagen dealerships, Ford, Holden, Honda, Toyota, etc. These networks set the benchmark. That is what Peugeot has to aim for or even higher considering they're trying to pry away customers from these companies. Short of that, they're just going to chase away customers who would venture past their door.

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