WTD help on Mi16 work
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    Default WTD help on Mi16 work

    Hi All

    I am about to put an MI16 back on the road but need to do a couple of things to get a NSW blue slip.
    Any advise on how to do these jobs would be great.

    1/ A foot or so forward of where the fuel line comes out of the tank, there is a connection to the rest of the line. I have a small fuel leak there.

    2/ How hard and how do I replace 1 of the boots on the steering arm.

    THe lining on the underside of the bonnet is falling off. Is there any reason not to just take it off ?




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    Some tips.

    I've never looked at the fuel system back there, so not sure about that. I would expect that the leak is probably at the junction between the section of flexible rubber and the steel tube that runs under body to the engine bay.

    The boot on the steering arm isn't too hard to sort, but you will need to do a wheel alignment afterward. Easiest way is to disconnect the outer tie rod end from the hub, disassemble the tie rod off the end of the steering rack and pull the boot off that way, replace and reverse.

    As for the lining on the bonnet - if it is going to be a daily driver, don't pull if off. If the lining hasn't fallen apart all together, go and get yourself a can of contact cement in spray form, clean the underside of the bonnet as much as you can, make sure there is no dust etc on the lining, spray both and stick it back in place.

    Good luck.
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    I have a series 2 Mi I bought rather cheap and I noticed my bonnet liner was looking a bit worse for wear, so I just pulled mine off, don't think it makes all that much difference although I am used to plenty of engine noise in the other cars I drive.

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