vacuum capsule for 205 GTI DFZ engines
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    Default vacuum capsule for 205 GTI DFZ engines

    Managed to find one on ebay (in the US of all places). It was listed for Vw Rabbit Scirocco Cabriolet (and a long list of other Volkswagens as well as some Audis of the same vintage), it is a Bosch item, part #1 237 122 447 076. Another number on the box is 07206.

    Perfect match.

    Just in case there is some other nut out there chasing one. Once on the car, I'll report how it works.


    I also managed to score a Borg Warner purge valve I intend to use for the emission control (intake vacuum operated, returns vapour from canister to intake). Inlet/outlet and vacuum take up look like they fit the diameter of piping on the GTI, but we'll see. Part # CP300. Good old US ebay again.
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