XN1 Coolant capacity inquiry
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    Default XN1 Coolant capacity inquiry

    Hi all, my (2 litre 504 powered) 404 wagon is now running an early 505 (GR?) auto radiator, and I'm wondering what the overall coolant capacity would be-presumably now the same as an early, 2 litre pushrod 505? Can anyone could tell me the coolant capacity in litres for this set up? I should add that the heater matrix has been bypassed, so possibly that takes a bit out of the equation? I will continue to run the non-glycol based Penrite product in my cooling system, unless someone can convine me otherwise? Thanks,


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    the circuit does not vary so much between XC and XN engines. The radiator even changes shapes, but is not that much. The 404 original, takes from completely empty (which is hard to achieve on an assembled engine) 8.4/8.9 L including heater. On the case of new radiator and all the extras, this increases 800cm3.

    I repeat, this is from completely empty. On normal change, you may reach 6L as much.

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