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    Default 307 130kw

    Hi Puggers, what is 307 130kw model like for reliability? performance? 307 v 306? My XSi is a good car, have been thinkn about update - maybe, Wacha reckon?keith


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    I have driven the 307 and it left me cold. IMO it isn't a patch on a well maintained 306 in either looks or driving enjoyment. Might have a few modern features over the 306 but as an owner of a late model XSI and XT I wouldn't swap. Sorry if I offend any 307 owners......

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    Thats the same engine as the 206 GTi 180 if memory serves. I am not an engine expert by any means, but it seems like a slightly unusual engine to put into that car.
    My 206 gti180 is a very revvy engine, with not much happening down low. Put that engine in a heavier car, and I think it may struggle a bit. I havent driven the 307 myself so maybe they tweaked the ECU or something.
    As far as engines go, my 180 engine seems reasonably reliable. Hasnt broken down yet. Has needed oil leaks replaced, and coil pack changed ( that is apparently a common issue, along with the dreaded antipollution fault).

    So reliablilty is good, with usual French car electronic niggles. Performance is probably good if you dont mind revving the hell out of the engine. Fuel economy is OK, probably not much to write home about.

    I have owned a 306 style in the past, but seems to be not comparable with the 307 130kw. Good luck and tell us what its like to drive.

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    I had a Citroen C4 VTS which has the same engine and is pretty much derived from the 307, should be similar weight. I haven't driven a 306 so I don't know how it compares to that.

    I thought with the amount of weight it had to lug around the engine's torque and power curve were not well matched to teh chassis, it was dying for more torque down low.

    Once the revs were up however it became fun to drive, it gripped and cornered awesomely.

    It was a bit of a slingshot but you had to wait for it to wake up!! In europe the updated version had the 1.6 turbo (110kW) which is in everything now but they never brought the coupe version of that here which is a shame.

    Styling and for features it's a total stunner, much nicer than a 307! So maybe go the dark side

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    Quote Originally Posted by leothepug View Post
    Hi Puggers, what is 307 130kw model like for reliability? performance? 307 v 306? My XSi is a good car, have been thinkn about update - maybe, Wacha reckon?keith
    The 307 is a peugeot version of a toyota - only not as reliable. It was designed more as an inexpensive peoples car.
    It lost the charm and driveability the 306 has. It a very comfortable and competent car and mine has proved very reliable over the 2 years and 20,000k's I've had it.
    Its main problem is that it really doesn't have that character and charm of the older models.
    I enjoy driving it but thats because I normally drive an Aurion for work.
    They are a good car - just not a great car. (IMHO)
    The bit I enjoy the most is the way it turns in to corners. Light years ahead of the Aurion in this department.

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    The 307 Sport engine is excellent - though as has been mentioned it loses a bit in the heavier car (307/C4) compared with a 206 GTi180.

    It's also a lot more "subtle" styling-wise than a GTi180. They didn't sell many, so you won't find much info on them here. There is/was an AFer from Perth whose mother owned one, but I can't recall too many others. It's called a Feline in Europe if that helps the research.

    Late model 307s (T6 or around October 2005) are a decent-enough buy, but heavily tainted by early versions which were a little less than reliable in a lot of cases.

    I can rustle up a Peugeot Australia press release on the 307 Sport if you like.


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