405 TD Starting problem
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    Default 405 TD Starting problem

    Can anybody suggest a fix? I have a nicely running diesel engine but if i park with the nose uphill and leave it for a day or so it won't start.
    Of course i can do the usual trick of pumping the primer to get the fuel up to the injection system but that is a bore and takes some time including turning over the engine for a minute or two.
    So i am desperate for a sloution. 2 experienced mechanics have tried to solve the issue and have replaced a few things. I tried with a replacement primer and its accompanying no return valves but it is still the same.
    thanks Bruce


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    Default air getting in somewhere

    somewhere between the primer and the pump,although if the non return is working ,it shouldnt run back to the tank check the seal on the top of the filter ,and that the filter housing hasnt deformed with age causing a bad seal .PUGS

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