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Thread: Peugeot 306GTI6

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    Default Peugeot 306GTI6

    Hi I have seen a Peugeot 306GTI6 on ebay which looks to be in good condition. Does anyone know much about these cars it seems a good price for a car in this condition. The link is


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    I've seen ones in that condition sell for 5,500 - 6,000 bucks
    So I would say it is a good deal, as long as the timing belt has been done recently and they have the receipts to prove it. Also see if it has had a head rebuild from a previous timing belt snap.

    Also check if the heater works, if the A/C works, if there is a clunk when you let the clutch out (broken top engine mount), power mirrors and windows work (if they don't broken wire must likely in the drivers door loom), also see if the cooling fans work...

    A fair few common faults, but if you know what you're doing or do a bit of research, they're relatively easy to fix most of them

    And I am not sure if I have missed anything, in other words, if everything works 100% I would say it would b a good if not great buy


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