505 wagon handling characteristics
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    Default 505 wagon handling characteristics

    Got the urge late one night a week or so ago to find out for myself the answer to that perennial question - "What'll she do"

    I've read and heard alot about the rear drive Peugeots and their many virtues particularly their incredible handling and bulletproof reliability but I am the sort of person that likes to find out for myself what is myth and what is reality.

    After around two years of ownership I am coming to the conclusion that the "reliability" thing is a myth. Yes I know this car is really old now and things wear out but a lot of the problems I believe stem from a design philosophy, shall we kindly say, not overly focussed on "reliability". Particularly when it comes to ELECTRICALS (Arghhhh....!!!)

    So going back to the important original question "What'll she do". Came up to a nice juicy roundabout very late one night and with no other other traffic around sped up, pitched it in and applied the accelerator to set up a nice steady state cornering stance around and around. Me thinks H'mmm..... not bad. Apply even more throttle and go faster....and so on until - Holy ..it, and this thing's a ....ing wagon @@!!!! Got giddy so had to stop .

    So my question to those with more experience than me is: What do these things do first - roll over or loose traction ?

    ...just so I know whether I need to put my hard hat on.


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    Depends where you are at-Peugeots have always from my perspective been amongst 'the most forgiving wheels available.
    Many years ago I sold an at least 10 y.o.504 to a Melb. Commercial Real Estate guy .He was selling BOTH of his 911's so he could build a house.It had done bags of K's.He LOVED the car.
    Many years later I went to see him at his house in Mt.Macedon.He asked me at what speed I had come through the bend at the bottom.When I told him he said-'That,s 20 k faster than I would have ever dared to come through in the Porsches.
    We kept in touch for many years-Bags of cars were purchased by his family members & his friends.
    Last time I spoke to Chris he had just purchased a 307 Diesel & loved it.
    Pugs are not perfect -but very forgivable & if something goes seriously wrong -there is not much that is safer.
    I believe john Anderson's -former Country Party Leader- testimony on how his wife & children [childs?] lives were saved due to there pug.
    Enough for now!


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    Some years ago I bought a 505 wagon from Melbourne off ebay and flew down to Melbourne to drive it home to Far North Queensland.
    Quite an eventful trip. Caught fire once and blew a rear tyre later in the trip.
    Despite all this the trip was enjoyable.
    Lasting impression was that the wagon reminded me of the handling of my 404 that I loved.
    More recent acquisitions include a late model 505 wagon which wasn't quite the same and a 504 wagon thats a great workhorse but so stiff in the rear suspension that handling is almost non-existant.
    Maybe some softer springs might be in order or conversion to a 505 wagon rear end.


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