203 locking petrol cap
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    Default 203 locking petrol cap

    have just recieved mine from the Bay of Fleas.
    To see it, click here, or copy & paste the full long adress below.

    Its great, stainless, & fits my early 203 as advertised.
    Advert also mentions other models, but I have no knowledge about those
    I got a good response when I "made an offer".
    Its a 3 tab bayonet fitting, spins freely when locked, unscrews off the filler pipe when unlocked.
    The seal is cork, mine will get a rubber ring.
    Took a while to arrive, but useful, neat, pretty & rare so worth the wait.
    Contact the vendor for postage to Au, she is good to deal with by email.


    I have no association with the vendor.

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    One of the great things about the old Peugeot company was that they didn't change things if they were doing the job. So a 203 fuel cap fits a 403 ute, 404, and 504. I don't know the 505's.

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