Self Locking 306
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    Icon8 Self Locking 306

    Twice in the last week she who must be obeyed has gone out and found her 1997 306 SR had locked its own doors, and activated the engine immobiliser. Both times were the first use of the car for the day, so maybe the cold night air is the problem.

    This is the same 306 I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that on start up will sometimes not go above idle speed. A couple of restarts solves this one. (sounds a bit like Windows, did Bill Gates ever do any work for Peugeot)
    As suggested by I cleaned and lubricated the Stepper Control, with little or no effect.

    Are these two problems connected, or is the car just getting cranky?
    Can anyone suggest the causes, and more importantly the cures?

    Thanks in advance



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    Whenever the battery goes almost flat, the central locking on our 306s do funny things. Is it possible that the battery is old or that a battery lead is not tight?

    Cheers, Erik

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