Timing Belt Replacement on 1.9 litre Mi 16
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    Icon5 Timing Belt Replacement on 1.9 litre Mi 16

    My car last had its timing belt replaced about 4 years ago but has only done about 38,000 kms since then.

    I would like some advice whether the critical factor is age of the belt rather than distance covered between belt changes; I understand that the recommended distance interval is 80,000 kms.



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    Rubber perishes with age - so for safety, replace it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by STALLED View Post
    Rubber perishes with age - so for safety, replace it!
    +1 Here I don't like the though of replacing valves for the sake of a days work. (Enthusiast here, not mechanic)

    Much easier to keep the belt, waterpump & tentioner bearing in tip to shape.
    ....now watch a Peugeot turn into a corner!

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    Four years or 80,000 K's-whichever comes up first.
    Presumably that relates to the fact that av. k's per year is 20,000 k.
    Much dearer to fix when it's broke & it will- should be that you are a little broke will ensure that you are even 'broker if she brakes.
    Not wise to be 'Pound wise & Penny Foolish' BUT I have found that most people who have cars with cam belts are blissfully unaware that they need changing.
    Was in some friends Car a while ago -I asked 'have you had the cam belt changed since you bought the car-'What is that & why does it need changing.NEVER KNEW.
    Had it @ least 7 years & done at least 200,00 k,s AND THE BELT HAD NOT BROKEN!!
    Needless 2 say he only drove it home & to his local garage.
    Never hurts to ask.


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    when you do change it do everything. when i bought my 405 1.9 mi16 ($1100 with 10 months rego ftw!) the original owner said the timing belt had snapped on her a short while ago, it was all sorted..apparently.

    when i went to change the belt to do the conversion into the 205 the belt had almost gone again, and had only done 3000km! mechanic must have got a timing belt kit but be careful, kits ive seen online only come with one tensioner...the car has 2. one was brand new one was 1 ball bearing away from collapsing
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