I have a selection of speedos for my 205GTI. One is from an australian GTI (unknown series), another is form an Oz Si (1992 car), and the last is from a german car, GTI or CTi, don't know.


I can tell you the german one has the values for the oil pressure and temperature on the scale, not just line markers (2bar/4bar, etc, 70-90-110deg C, etc for oil and coolant temp). Maybe it helps identify the car it comes from.

Now the question.

Is is there any difference between these that would result in the wrong speed reading if installed in my 1987 Aus spec GTI?

My car has its original g'box which I believe is a BE1 - lift collar, push left and forward for reverse.

The Si I took the other speedo out of has an unknown 'box, but has a "normal" reverse (i.e. no collar to lift).