Some electrical help please brains trust

I have a 92' Pug205Gti that I can't drive after dusk at the moment.


Both the night running tail lights (brake lights are fine ) and the dash cluster lights are out and I can't find the reason for the lack of juice.

Checked all the blade fuses in the glove box and they are all fine.

I'm not sure if it is related but the little buzzer that tells you you are a twit when leaving your headlights on as you turn the car off has also gone quiet. When I try to use the high beam on the headlights everything goes dark - a bit unnerving.

Is there some connector that I should be looking for or does the loom go from the glove box to the rear as a fixed loom without joins.

I though the electrical gremlins was the domain of an old English car

Thanks in advance