The 405 we just put a set of valves in started making a loud wining noise, engine speed related, which turned out to be the timing cover warping and touching the edge of the timing belt.
The fix, which has worked for a couple of months so far, was to screw the timing cover down to a block of wood, pack it with fibro (see pics) and cook it. It is necessary to use a couple of baking trays so the direct radiation from the elements doesn't overheat the plastic locally.

Oven temp 250F about 5~7 minutes(until you start to smell it) Oven used isn't regularly used for cooking. The cover appears to be made from polyethylene. (i.e. black polly pipe)

Not my idea of fun, or good practise, but then it has shut the car up. Now I just need to do the same to Mum's 306...


Howling XU10 in 405-xu10-timing-cook.jpg

Howling XU10 in 405-xu10-timing-cover.jpg