My son's 2003 406 coupe sometimes unlocks the doors immediately after locking as if a door is still open. This happens either with the remote (new battery in the remore) or when locking the doors with the key. I've replaced both door lock mechanisms and the problem is the same. The boot switch is working ok. When ever I close the boot lid the dash display shows the boot as closed. Same when closing the doors the dash display show the doors as closed. I've rejacked the plugs on the door lock mechanism and also on the BSI card that controls the bodily functions. Yes I disconnected the battery before rejacking the BSI card.

I've checked all the earth terminals I could find. The circuit for the door locking control shows one main earth for each door so if there was an earth missing then the door won't lcok in the first instance. I suspect that there is a short to earth somewhere.

Has anyone had this intermitent problem of the central locking unlocking the doors immediately after locking?


Steve V6..