I had the opportunity last night, of attending the pre-release a movie -set in the U/S & Africa.I thought lat looks like a 404 being blown up.Sure enough ,later on showed the target.My heart twinged -Oh No-.
If you like a bit of drama-action -and a TRUE STORY-a bit of whatever-do yourself & a favour @ buy,hire,beg or [no not steal ]but steal a look @ Sam Childers story in 'The Machine Gun Preacher'.I am sure your hart will cringe on much more about some of the more important thing of life


Sam is one of the rare people who stood up against the infamous Joseph Kony who was responsible for the atrocities to hundreds of thousands of people.

If you have had a 'tough day @ the office'-'think your life sucks!!or have a challenge that you think is bigger than yourself then whack this on your d.v.d. or even sit your staff down to watch this video.It is truly a motivational movie.

I look forward to meeting Sam when he comes to Ballarat early May.
Should anyone in 'froggieland' wish to know about his movement while in Aus. to maybe hear him speak then let me know & I shall investigate for you..