307 2Lt HDi Fuel Filter Replacement
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    Default 307 2Lt HDi Fuel Filter Replacement

    Hi Guys.

    I finally got around to changing the diesel fuel filter element on my 2006 2Lt HDi. I had posted earlier that the plastic filter housing was tight and I didn't want to apply too much torque to undo it. Well I consulted some other forum members, gritted my teeth and the good news is the filter housing didn't break! I changed the filter and bleed the system all to easily. I have attached a few images for future reference.

    By the way, I lubricated the O-ring with engine oil prior to re assembly, hopefully to make it easier for next time.

    Of interest I was quoted by my local friendly Peugeot dealer $850 for the 80,000km service. I did it for less than a 1/4 of that.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 307 2Lt HDi Fuel Filter Replacement-dscn3763.jpg   307 2Lt HDi Fuel Filter Replacement-dscn3764.jpg   307 2Lt HDi Fuel Filter Replacement-dscn3766.jpg  

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    G'day Wippet .
    Good on you, filter change is fairley easy .
    Strange when i changed my fuel filter 10k ago it had the very same clean pleat of paper
    I like your oil choice I have been running enviro + for the last 2 years better spec then what my dealer was using + $30 cheaper then what they charged as well .
    Happy motoring .
    J.Timbs 307hdi 405srdt

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