505 Airflow Meter calibration
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    Default 505 Airflow Meter calibration

    Molerpa, g'day.
    A little while back [Jan. 20th] you posted info. about re-calibrating the air flow meter on a 505GTi.
    Is it OK to prise the cover off of the meter with a couple of screwdrivers; or are there screws/bolts that I'm not aware of?


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    Mine just prised off, didn't take much effort. Glued it on afterwards with silicone.

    In my case I was bending the contact arm a little so that it would rub away from the worn track. This improved things for about six months when it started getting jerky on light cruise again. Then I found that a Megasquirt cost less than a new AFM and went down that path. The end result is great, but it was a big learning experience along the way.

    Have fun,


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