One of my 205 Si's was acting up.
Not very lively at low speed, hesitant and not much pick up.
Seemed to be ok at highway speed.
It was very difficult to keep at a steady 60 kph. There was a resistance in the pedal which had to be pushed past but then the car would lurch forwards.
Felt like a strand had come loose in the accellerator cable and was jamming the cable in the casing.
Checked operation of spindle at throttle body, accelleraton cable without load, kickdown cable operation and pedal. All were ok with the exception of the pedal which seemed to have some sort of restriction about half way through its travel.

The problem seemed to fix itself then returned.
It definitely seemed like a mechanical problem.

Whilst all this was going on I replaced the spark plugs.
Old plugs very much worse for wear with gap about twice what it should have been.
Started up on new plugs and idle jumped to 2000 revs and K light stayed on, first time it has done that whilst I have owned the car.
Disconnected battery, reconnected half an hour later and fired up again.
Idle settled down to below 1000 revs and K light went out.
Strangely enough the throttle sticking problem was no longer there.
Drove around for a day but then the problem returned the next day.
Disconnected battery again. Problem gone and hasn't returned over a few days of driving.
If it comes back I will try to source any error codes, but the K light isnt comming on.
Are fault codes registered without the activation of the K light?

In retrospect I noticed that when the car had the problem I was having to press the accellerator pedal down much further than usual and the resistance in it I was feeling might have been the kickdown which would also explain the car lurching forwards.

Live and learn with these little beasts.


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