206 GTI 180 rally car - Help with gearbox leaks please?
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    Default 206 GTI 180 rally car - Help with gearbox leaks please?

    Hello all. Have recently replaced the whole gearbox in the GTI. I went to take it out for an event on Saturday morning and found an 8 inch pool of gear oil underneath the front of the car! Didnít end up racing Ė waving goodbye to the entry fee was only 10% of another transmission!


    A little help please?

    I havenít pulled it apart yet, but a visual inspection showed wet gear oil around the gearbox drain plug (crush washer maybe?) but also showed wetness around the 3 bolts that hold the housing on the outside of the diff assembly at the end of the right side driveshaft. Does anyone know a torque setting for these 3 bolts? Maybe I havenít got them tight enough? I pulled them in as tight as I though I should, eveything being alloy.

    Also, does this housing on the end of the right driveshaft need its oil seal replaced regularly? Iíve considered this as another possibility.

    Any advice much appreciated.

    First gravel special stage rally in Australiaís only 206 rally car (that I know about) is 2 weeks away.
    Millicent, South Australia, Saturday April 14.

    Cheers, Shaun.

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    Hi Shaun,

    If you are talking about driveshaft oil seals, I think they should always be replaced when you've removed and installed a driveshaft. Invariably they will leak if you don't.

    Same with sump and gearbox washers - it's cheap insurance.

    The housing bolted to the transmission with 3 bolts sounds like the speedo drive housing - where the r/h driveshaft enters the transmission. It has an o-ring where the housing bolts to the transmission (as well as the driveshaft oil seal), but the bolts are only 15Nm/11lbft (according to my Haynes manual), so not exactly tight.


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    Default Cheers!

    Thanks Simon, will go through it all today.

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