207 SW Wagon Space
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    Default 207 SW Wagon Space

    Tomorrow I am taking three friends to Brisbane airport, who are off on a 6 day business trip, in our 207 SW. They tried to fit all the suitcases in a Camry, Commodore and Audi A4 but no Joy. They laughed when I suggested the 207 and took my bet on. After a bit of playing around they all fitted in with room to spare. The bet ? Dinner and drinks.

    I must admit I was a bit worried as there were 3 large, 2 medium and 1 small suitcases.

    Below is the result.

    207 SW Wagon Space-dsc_6064.jpg


    207 SW Wagon Space-dsc_6065.jpg

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    Reminds me of when I was watching someone struggling to fit a new clothes dryer into his Ford Falcon and couldn't even get it in the car. I asked him if he'd like me to put it in my Peugeot 504 and he laughed.

    I got my Pug, put the dryer in with no trouble, and followed him to his house and he took out the dryer.

    When we arrived at his place, I think he was still shaking his head in disbelief
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