tyres... again. 306XSi
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    Default tyres... again. 306XSi

    Hi Fellow Puggers,
    Most were talkn about 405 504 and such. I have just worn out some Toyo TEOs ($150) on the front and b4 that some Toyo T1R sport ($180). The latter were unbelievably good driven hard in wet. didn't last too long tho maybe 18k 8months. the others about 15 months pretty good -not quite as grippy!


    What to 306ers think about brands quoted?


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    Michelin Energy plus... $205... great tyres... Will last longer than 8 months..

    The toyo teo are good all rounders... if you go cheaper... you will notice the loss of sure-footedness...
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    I haven't had the Toyo's. I've had Yokohama's which were VERY good. Pirelli P6000's which were terrble. Bridgestone Potenza S02 Pole positions (briiliant but not available for a very long time). Bridgestone G3's Not too bad, and currently Bridgestone Adreanalins, which are probably between the G3 and the S02's. The Adrenalins would have to be the best bang for your buck tyre available!

    I can't really say how good they are in the wet. I've been timid pushing the car in the wet since a loose on Mt Victoria (admittedly with the crappy P6000's) about 10 years ago. They don't have great off the line traction in the wet though, quite easy to light them up. But in the dry they are very nice. They seem to wear better than any of the previous tyres as well.

    I'm not sure how many K's I've done on this set, but I'm sure they are going to last longer than the usual max of 25,000KM I get out of a set of tyres. Check out the 195/55/15 tyre thread in the technical and performance forum, Jo has been very happy with his Adrenalins too!

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