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    Default starter motor question

    Did a round trip, melb - murchison - melb on Saturday in the 505 GTi, (the light blue one in my avatar) three big u19's in the car, for a footy game. Once we got the car started it did not miss a beat, seems to prefer having a load on board. We had to leave at 7 and got behind time due to road works on the Bolte so had to hussle where we could, weather fairly cool with the odd light shower over the divide. Sat just above 3000 rpm on 110 kph. In summer I would expect some fluctation in the temp guage but no movement this trip.

    The Murchison oval is a ripper, dead flat (even with the pitch in the middle) and due to amble water has superb grass cover.

    Had to push start the car at 7 am, the starter plays up in cooler weather and for the first time giving it a tap with a block of wood/hammer didn't work, my query is do I have to replace the whole starter motor or just the starter solenoid? It rarely plays up once the car has warmed up. Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tomb View Post
    ...three big u19's in the car... I have to replace the whole starter motor...
    Sounds like you've got a perfectly good workaround.
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    If the solenoid is a bit tired then the brushes etc will be too. Replace the whole starter motor and be done with it.

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    I've done the hammer-tapping thing a few times.
    It's either the brushes worn out or the solenoid getting weak (the electromagnet shorts out with age and gets weaker). Hard to tell which until you take it apart. Replacing the brushes is a fairly easy fix if you have a small gas torch or a very large wattage soldering iron (I'm talking 100 watts). However if the copper contacts on the armature are pitted (from when it was arcing over when the brushes were worn down), the armature won't last long.

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