306 Aircon blower clicking noise and air inlet location
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    Default 306 Aircon blower clicking noise and air inlet location

    Going on a road trip to Victoria over Easter so giving the car the once over.

    I previously changed the aircon blower motor with a secondhand one. Anyway this one has a clicking noise which is mildly irratating. I've given the thing a clean but still there. On close inspection it seems to be happening when the magnets spin and go past the motor wall. (hope that makes sense).


    My question is can I spray lubricant in there ? I really don't think it will do much but its impossible to get a brush into the space and being more or less a single unit very difficult to take apart.

    Another thing, where is the air inlet for the aircon? I seem to be getting alot of dust into the car and there were even a few leaves in the blower. I want to check if it needs a filter/clean.


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    Default They should have a filter...

    the aircon intake in in the scuttle, under the wiper arms. there is a plastic housing under the wiper arms that you need to remove. the water from the windscreen will flow into the scuttle and out via a drain hole at the end of the scuttle, near the point where your door hinges are. The air intake is raised above the bottom of the scuttle area, but also covered from above so that rain water doesn't fall directly into the air intake. Remove the wiper arms to get access then the cover and you 'should' see an air filter very similar to that of the engine's air filter. This is what is supposed to prevent leaves etch getting into your blower motor. These are generally called a 'cabin air' filter. you might want to get a replacement before pulling your car apart. alternatively, you can drop the blower motor out - as you seem to have done, and use a mirror to see up into the vent. You should see if there is a filter up in there.... I think (has been a while since I did one) it is directly above. Still it should have a filter. You can just get a generic filter and cut in to fit the space. This is likely to be a cheaper alternative to an after market or ( adopts a sinister voice) genuine Peugeot filter. And probably no different. I accidently bought a series two 405 cabin filter for my series one. I just cut it in half and fitted it anyway and 12 months later no wasps, leafs or gremlins have invaded.... yet.

    Id also hit the internet and look up what a 306's cabin air filter should look like... you might find a cheap one in England..
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    Thanks for the detailed info.

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