A little while ago I sold our 2010 Pug 3008 2l HDI because of some personal issues.(regretted it)
Last week I bought a 2011 Mitsubishi ASX 2 wheel drive 2l petrol version because I want a small SUV and have noticed almost uncanny similarities between the two, particularly instruments, and the general feel of the cars. The Mitsu is about $8,000 cheaper than the petrol Pug and honestly apart from not being able to get comfortable in the drivers seat yet it goes very well, is very tight and solid feeling. Fuel consumption so far in purely stop start city driving only is 8.4l/100 which is comparable, plus it uses standard unleaded or E10 blend whereas the Pugs want premium (petrol). Obviously the relationship between Peugeot and Mitsubishi is more than skin deep. Also has 5 year w/tee and capped price servicing at $195 a time for 4 years.
It's not my beloved 'Puggsly' but I am really impressed and honestly a bit surprised at how good it seems for the money.