Finally my 607 is back on the road after a very dramatic breakdown which blocked traffic in my apartment complex for an hour or so and took 7 hours of special RACQ recovery to get it to a workshop. I was informed that the lower left front ball joint and drive shaft had dislodged. Then on investigation the inners of the drive shaft and the shaft itself had been damaged.

Shocking news for me as it looked like parts from France would be the only solution. However thanks to this site parts were found, machining of the a driveshaft was done, and now she is back on the road. They also toped up my auto fluids and she is running better than before.


So grateful to Ash Prestige in Graceville for all there work and working "with" me on my suggestions and demands to get it fixed at a good price and in as fast a time frame as they could.

I am not saying that Ash is the only place to do a good job on a pug, but they did a good job on mine and I am happy with there style.

So So grateful to those who helped me source parts and responded to my call for help.

Keep on Pugging