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Thread: NZ import costs

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    Default NZ import costs

    Does anyone know how much it is to bring a car in from NZ?

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    Default I believe that...

    There are many factors.
    Age of vehicle is one that is important, I sold a Morgan 3 wheeler replica into Queensland, because it was registered here in NZ as 1985 vehicle it was cheaper than if it had been 1990. (This was about 8 years back)
    Shipping, depending a bit on vehicle size is around $1200 NZ.
    AQIS fees depend on how clean it is when it arrives. In the case f the 3 wheeler thtere was about $120 from memory as I had done a pretty thorough clean.
    I have a friendly shipper here in NZ I could ask for you if you don't want to do the exercise, it is only a 3 minute phone call for me, but I would need some vehicle details. Age, price, port of unloading.

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    The same import rules would apply from NZ as from anywhere else .The freight cost may be relatively low ,but the port and clearance charges here could be 2000 to $3000 . [ eg $400 for steam cleaning ] .More red tape and charges if the car has aircon

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    Try Taurus Logistics, they're an NZ company with an Australian office, found them really helpful. As far as I know, it will cost about $1700 to ship across the ditch, I'm not sure if there's duty on NZ imports, but GST and clearance costs will apply.

    I'd be very surprised if clearance costs (broker fees, port fees, customs documents, etc) were as high as $3k (unless GST is included), but you certainly won't get away with quarantine cleaning for $120 any more (and Customs like to find many varied excuses for making you steam clean it). Budget for $400-500, as Julian has mentioned...if you don't need it, bonus. Whatever you do, make sure you are there to pick up immediately, any Customs storage costs will be horrendous.

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    Default import from NZ

    I am in the process of bringing in a 203 from NZ . As has been suggested , Taurus Logistics have been most helpful . You MUST apply to the OZ Government for approval to Import , otherwise you will have to pay for your new import to be destroyed if you do not have the relevant paperwork in place !!
    Approval Application costs $50 and takes 4 to 5 weeks .
    Total costs landed are about $3200 , and then there is GST on the WHOLE cost . ( If the car costs $10,000 , then your gst is on $13,200 !! ) GST is $1320 . TOTAL=$14520
    The OZ dollar makes it attractive at the moment , as long as the rest of costs are factored in.
    I applied for approval 4 weeks ago , and am still waiting for approval . You will find it nigh on impossible to import a vehicle newer than 1989 , unless you are a kiwi moving to OZ
    Hope this helps


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