206 problem HELP !
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    Default 206 problem HELP !

    Hi All,
    My little 206 is running rough. It sounds like it is running on 3 cylinders. The fault occurred almost instantly. One minute it was good, the next no good. I can make it move off if I rev it out to about 3000 RPM and release the clutch slowly. But it is very unhappy about it.
    If this was the 504, it would be an easy fix, but the 206.........I can’t even find the damn spark plugs. Some early enquiries I have made suggest “coil pack”. Is there a way I can check this myself? Fix it myself?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Yep usually the coil packs go if it misfires.
    For 2.0L or 1.6L T20 take off the 6 screws for the coil pack cover, be wary of the plastic pipe snap fitted on the passenger side of the cover. It can break easily.
    T20 will take out the coil pack 4x long silver screws
    Remove each plug and see which is black to work out the misfiring cylinder.
    It will be wet with fuel if the injector is working.
    Swap plugs between cylinders to eliminate bad plug.
    If all good then its probably going to be coil pack


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