Peugeot 306 Suspension
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    Default Peugeot 306 Suspension

    Hi guys,

    Just wanting some opinions on where to purchase peugeot genuine/aftermarket suspension parts. I think my little 306 n3 xt may be in need of some new bushes etc...

    Also, is Pedders any good in dealing with pugs?

    All opinions will be greatly appreciated!


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    You can buy genuine suspension bushes or aftermarket. One thing to be aware of is that the lower control arm bushes need to be pressed/ground off in order to fit the new ones. The new ones also need positioning correctly when pressed on so when the car is sitting on its suspension, they aren't stressed in either direction.

    You can also purchase the entire genuine lower control arm with bushes attached. Costs considerably more (around $200+ per side) but could be a lot easier in the long run.

    I've heard the aftermarket ones tend not to last as well as OEM.

    As for Pedders, I'd be quite nervous in allowing them to work on it, but since your in Rockhampton, maybe "beggars can't be choosers", so to speak.

    I'd also suggest using your cars' VIN number when ordering anything for it. At least you'll have some comeback if you're supplied with the wrong parts.

    Good luck!
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