406 speedo repair
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    Default 406 speedo repair

    Has anyone had any experience with speedos playing up? My car has only done 122,000 km but the speedo acts crazy intermittantly. The odometer still works, so its not the speed sensor. I can be driving for a minute and it plays up, or I can be driving for 10 minutes and then it plays up. Mostly it's at built-up area speeds that I experience this, but it's getting worse.


    Is there anyone who can repair them? It's possibly an electrical /printed circuit board fault. Has anyone had a similar experience? If I was to get another speedo/instrument panel, can the odometer be changed to match mine? I think this might be illegal however, even if it's logical.
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    Very common fault in the 406 - dry / cracked solider joins on the circuit board in the speedo unit. Not too much effort to fix. Took me about 30 - 40 min and 2 beers.

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