206 GTi Injection issue
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    Default 206 GTi Injection issue

    Hey everyone!
    I've got this weird problem with my car. whenever im driving normally its fine, even when ive got my foot to the floor its ok. but once i engage the clutch or leave it idling the revving get shaking and sometimes it stalls.


    the tacho needle shows the revs bouncing between 800 and 600 on idle, just bouncing up and down, and you can hear it from the engine too. but once i turn it off and on, or it stalls, its ok for the next few km's. and then the engine light sometimes come on but often it doesnt.
    Ive been to Lions and got them to scan it, but all the comp said was it had an injection problem, with no number relating to anything. i dont think its the injectors as it doesnt always happen and driving it is fine.
    im thinking its a computer related issue, but im not 100% sure.

    any help is appreciated!

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    I had a similar problem in my 206 and is WAS an injection issue.

    One of the injectors was cracked, so i replaced all 4 and now it runs fine.

    It may also be worth checking the 'throttle position switch' which will also cause the idle to fluctuate.

    I had to have mine scanned diagnosticaly to pick up the fault.

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