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    Default 508 Remote

    Hello there, I recently purchased a new 508 Diesel and I am very happy with the vehicle.

    I am keen for a third remote but have been quoted $700 by the (WA) dealer. Now, my wife's E240 (only) cost $350 from an authorized MB dealer.

    After market remotes appear to be about 70 $USD.


    Do forum member have any suggestions?

    New 508 owner being humbled by cost of genuine 508 parts (already!!).

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    I take it you do not have the keyless start ?

    The third party Chinese remotes that are on the market will work once programmed but the inferior construction will fail after six months or so when the button contacts start to play up based on my experience with our 207. So good for a back up but not daily use.

    You will also need to find an independant that knows how to programme the 508, which I am betting, is early days yet.

    If for any reason something goes wrong with the programming you will have just given Peugeot a get out of jail free card with the warranty.

    I would wait until better versions come onto the market or the original Peugeot Remote gets cheaper.

    It's always the same story with any new model when it comes to parts or accessories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselfanatic View Post
    ... have been quoted $700 by the (WA) dealer...
    So much for treating your customers with respect.
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