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    Default Brisbane transmission specialist

    Can anyone recommend a Peugeot transmission specialist in Brisbane?
    I have a diesel 406 that has the nightmare AL4 automatic transmission. Not even the Peugeot dealer can work out what is going on inside that transmission.
    Before I go to the expense of replacing the entire transmission, I would like to give the problem to someone who understands these POS transmissions.


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    After earlier dealings with Auto Transmission people in Brisbane thru the local Pug dealer way back in the early 90's I eventually had the problem solved by the people who overhaul these units for Peugeot Australia and other manufacturers here in Australia - The guys at A & B transmissions in Melbourne are only too happy to assist --- se

    They will give you good guidance over ther phone ... what is the transmission doing ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlT View Post
    Not even the Peugeot dealer can work out what is going on inside that transmission.
    When you say Peugeot dealer, do you mean City Peugeot in Brisbane ?
    If not, Bob Warren who is a senior technical advisor there is very very experienced and knowledgeable. I haven't seen him for some time, but I assume he's still working there. You could call and speak to him specifically. He's a friendly guy.
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    I don't have the AL4 but the ZF HP20 on the 2.0 litre (96/97 only on the 4cyl). My transmission went in to fault mode and all indications were that something was wrong inside the box after inspection and interogation from the auto electrician. However, they did have trouble interogating the computer for faults. After a 4 grand refurbishment the problem still existed and was finally diagnosed as a faulty auto mode selection switch (snow/ice) which probably fried the computer. Expensive exercise but a word of caution, look at all avenues before getting it overhauled.

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    Default ASH in Graceville Brisbane

    The guys at ASH in Graceville know there stuff. Lots of knowledge from years of work on pugs, and honest in pricing and conversation. Might be worth a chat to them.

    Good luck

    Keep on Pugging

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