407 HDi slow to start
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    Default 407 HDi slow to start

    Hi, my 2006 407 HDI has become slow to start over the last couple of weeks. Seems to need to spin a lot on the first start of the day and any time when it sits for a longer while. I'm wondering about air leaking into the fuel system.

    Any thoughts or experiences would be most appreciated.





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    Default starting

    on our 306 hdi we had to turn it onto accesory then off a coupl of times to prime the pump ,as we had an air leak ,causing the fuel to drain back to the pump ,the in tank pump runs for a short while on accesory and when your cranking ,the mechanical pump has little ability to suck only push ,you could have an air leak somewhere ,we currently have a faulty fuel, pre heater that leaks out of the electrical connection ,producing similar symptoms ,its a little black plastic box sits just above the mechanical fuel pump ,it has two lines back to the tank one to the mech /pump and a electrical connection ,,it stinks of diesel and its all over the under side of engine so i think you would know if you had that fault ,part is on the way .PUGS in tank pump could be tired, although my experience has been they go intermitent or just die .

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