505 GR Auto - T-bar selector spring issue
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    Default 505 GR Auto - T-bar selector spring issue

    I have a 505 GR auto !

    The T-Bar selector safety catch does not operate so it is possible to move the selector moves through all gears without operating the 'safety mechanism'.

    It appears that the safety spring is broken.

    So I wish to replace the spring.

    I would like to know how to access the T-bar selector spring.

    I would be very grateful for any advice on the issue.

    Perhaps you can suggest where to get a 'T-bar spring'.

    Thanks in anticipation !


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    Default 505 GR Auto - T-bar selector spring issue

    Hi Ted

    Not an uncommon problem and pretty easy to fix, simply remove the flat trim plate that is on the top of the plastic gearleaver surround and undo one screw on the top of the surround and remove the surround, slip the light bulb holder out on the side of the surround after you lift it up slightly, warning you have manouvre the corrugated plastic strip out of the surround so as to lift the surround up and clear of the gear lever. Once you have done this simply unbolt the nut on the lever pivot point, remove the pivot shaft and then the lever, to access the spring you unbolt the nut on the bottom of the gear leaver and it comes apart, reassembly is just in reverse, a lttle fiddly but straight forward. New springs should be available from European Auto or Caravelle in victoria, trust this helps.

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    Yes....quite fiddly. Especially step #1....the flat trim plate. Gently lever it up from one side (er...the left, I think) with a small screwdriver and you will see that the other side has tabs. It then comes out sideways. It's very easy to break.
    The corrugated thingy is fun to play with too (and to put back , but you are not likely to break anything as you are with the trim plate.

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    I usually use a spring from an early 504 door handle button, cut in half - only because I have a couple left. I think they are probably less likley to break over time that the spring steel OEM unit.
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