2.0hdi keyless remote
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    Default 2.0hdi keyless remote

    My Keyless remote has stopped working. Both keys, so it appears to be the main unit. The keys still unlock the doors and start the car. Any ideas? Also are rear wheel bearings easy to replace? Geoff


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    Quite possibly the remote's battery might have died. Have you checked that?
    Radio remote batteries seem to last longer than infra-red, even so the period is usally a number of years.

    Which model are you asking about? Does the car have disc or drum brakes?

    Generally wheel bearing replacement is not particularly difficult. if they are the same with 306, there will be an inner and outer bearing, both of the same type. Pulling the bearings off is simple enough and pushing/pressing the new ones back on is also simple - just make sure you apply even force all the way round. The difficult part of the periferies such as drum brakes.

    Be best to get a manual or download the relavant details.
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    If neither key works it is prob not the battery assuming you have a key with and a key without. I had this with a 1998 406 and an auto elec traced it to a relay in the front passenger door. He cleaned it and that fixed it.

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