What's the 605 like?
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    What's the 605 like?

    Barbagallo's, Perth has a 605 (3.0 V6) in white with black leather, looks like perfect nick, for $18,990 - 117,000 k's, fully loaded. Is this cheap? They can't sell it...



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    The price looks about right for one of these in good nic. I have seen a few advertised all for about 20G. They certianly are a lot of car for the price. Write ups when they were released were quite good, new price was about 60G I think. I recall drooling over one with leather interior when I picked up my 306XT in 94. They were never a big seller so its hard to get a handle on reliablity but they are Pugs wink . I remember the dealer telling me about gold plated electrical conectors for reliablity. Hope spares don't come at gold plated prices. disappro
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    The 605s recieved their fair share of negative press, but that's typical of automotive journalists--there is no such thing as an objective automobile review. That's why I prefer to use my own judgement and form my own conclusions. The only reason I read auto magazines is for the pictures.

    Take a look at some 605 owner surverys. You'll note that a vast majority of owners LOVE their car, and wouldn't trade it unless they *had* to.

    I'm sure that the model has its faults, and that there are atleast a few disgruntled customers, but that is true for all cars. Personally, I know someone who has had major trouble repeatedly with their '91 Honda Accord--which is supposed to be bulletproof. It happens to the best of them.

    If you like the car and it is in good condition with a good service history, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it...


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