306 xsi won't start
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    Icon4 306 xsi won't start

    Hiya guys, new to this forum. I was wondering whether anyone could help me.

    Recently my 306xsi had a flat battery and the RAC installed a new battery. My wife believes the car was run (I was at work) but the next day the car won't start!

    You turn the keys in the ignition and all the lights on the dash light up but when you go to start it dies. You try this three times and the car won't light up or even lock. I have google everything and looked through manuals but nothing. Is there a code to be entered into the ECU?? To make things worse the remote key is stuffed because the previous owner got wet and shorted it.

    Can anyone help!!!


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    Sometimes a new battery isn't fully charged. Whether this was the case with your car is anybody's guess. I suggest another call to the RAC as there may be a problem with it. If they can start the car using jumper leads, then you no longer need to worry about the ECU problmes.

    Our 306s are earlier than yours so I can't help. We have had two different cars with non-starting problems, both at the local shopping centre, and relating to the starter motor, which I had to replace in each instance. The earlier symptoms were occasional failure of the starter to turn or catch, but it didn't take long for the starter to fail completely. One was ruined, the other was able to be rebuilt. 1.8 and 2 litre starters are different, but they are easy to fit, at least.
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    +1 for checking if battery is charged.

    Also (and disregard this if symptoms do not match yours) if the car will fire but not idle, you may need to reset the engine management ecu. There is a guide HERE.

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    check if battery is charged and check the connections (terminals) the ones on the battery, and the others going to ground (body, and engine)

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    second checking the terminals.
    Remove, clean and refit.

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