206 gti 180 or 306 gti6?
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    Default 206 gti 180 or 306 gti6?

    I'm thinking about buying a peugeot but not too sure whether to buy the 206 gti 180 or the 306 gti 6. Opinions guys??


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    for me (and don't think as a too serious and valuable opinion, as I own a 505, or what is left of it) is much more car the 306. (Please don't kill me, 206 owners). In all the aspects. Chassis particularily. And thinking of an upgrade, I think the 306 will have higher roof than the 206 (I don't know if the expression is correct, I mean the highest power output, related also to handling, related also to braking power, related also to driving sensations... as the car is a whole, is not just an engine)

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    I own a 180, but my friend owned a S16 for a number of years and I think that the Gti 6 will be the better daily driver.

    The 180's spring rate and the low profile tyres combine to produce a very stiff ride. I can't imagine the Gti 6 would ride much differently to the S16 and that was a better compromise between ride comfort and handling than the 180 is. I think the Gti 6 also has more room inside than the 180.

    On the flip side you're probably looking at a significantly older car with the problems that can sometimes accompany that.

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    I have recently been looking at both, for me it is the Gti6, far more boot space than a 180 (I need the space for my mountain bike) but as mentioned will most likely have the usual traits of a used 306 to watch out for.

    The 180 is newer and has more oomph. It'll comes down to personal needs, if it just a daily driver you need and don't care about space, the 180 it is. My brother has one and absolutely loves it.
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    I'm one more (biased) for a GTi6.

    I have one and have been driven around a couple of times in a friends 180, and the difference in ride quality is staggering. Apart from the extra airbags and other safety gear, I don't think the 306 gives much away in standard equipment either.

    I've no doubt that the 180 is probably the faster car, but living with the GTi6 is effortless, and it can be driven economically enough to regularly get 600+km out of a tank of juice. (Averaging 8.89L/100km since I got an app to do the calculations for me! )


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