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Thread: Culling Le Mans

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    Default Culling Le Mans

    PSA announced immediate end to its 908 Le Mans programme,,economic conditions only reason.So they can now send few Francs to Sime darby so some half hearted marketing for 508 starts.
    After a few bad lemons they finally made a good car,but no one seems to know.
    Only a single bi tone dreary ad of 508 has been seen.
    Not a single shot of the rather cool rear profile,interior or the wagon.
    The 207 has one of the ugliest dashboards ever,seems Sarko Le Psycho is in charge of PSA.


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    Its very sad..... The 908HDI [ V12 ] is the fastest ever LMP1 racer. It just goes to show that when Peugeot decides to make something fast second place is not in the equation.

    The upshot of this will hopefully be an injection into their car and engine range and with some luck a great 208 Gti !

    Nothing wrong with the 207 dash.... Its as deep as the bonnet

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