Urgent help - son stuck in Brisbane 2.0 405 SRi Alternator
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    Default Urgent help - son stuck in Brisbane 2.0 405 SRi Alternator

    Fellow Froggers,

    I am putting out a cry for help. My 17 year old son drove his 94 405 2.0 petrol SRi sedan (manual) from Toowoomba to Brisbane on a visit last night. The alternator has died (confirmed by the RACQ).

    Is there anyone in the Brisbane area who is able to supply a good used alternator (and potentially fit it for him) within the next say 48 hours - the sooner the better as he is stranded at a friend's place and needs to get back home???? You will be paid for your time as well as the alternator of course.

    He is in Daisy Hill.

    Please call me on 0414 243 291 in the first instance if you can help. Best not to PM me as I am not going to be near the PC much for the rest of the day.

    Alternatively - is anyone able to recommend a good Pug mechanic or auto-electrician in the area?


    Thanks heaps,
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