Since Peugeot Belgium was not allowed to show already the new 208 to everybody at the 2012 car exposition of Brussels, they did it differently. You needed to subscribe to get a sneek preview on another location.
So, did it and saw the new little bugger... and after seeing it in real I have to say that I like the new design peugeot is currently deploying.
The car looked great (it was a top model with all the goodies) and has a lot more cabin space than the 207. Even with my 1.93m and correctly seated, somebody could still sit behind me. And that was certainly not the case with the 205, 206 nor the 207. And that for a car that is smaler than the 207 and 110 kg lighter.
Prices are a bit higher than a simular 207 although the 207's engine has 15hp less than the 208's.

Couldn't take any pictures of it of course, but the pictures don't do it right.