405 electrical problem
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    Default 405 electrical problem

    I have a SII 405 mi16
    The head light have developed a intermittent problem.
    they will turn off for a second it is very random it happened about 6 times last night
    it is starting to worry me now'
    the last thing I want is that the lights wont turn back on on a dark road.
    also the horn and reverse lights dont work at all don't know if this would have anything to do with it.


    series 2 405 mi16
    205 si
    series 1 205 gti
    series 3 205 with a gti6 motor project
    1970 404 ute 504 ti motor project
    parts cars 2 205 si's 306 sedan
    2004 206 gti180

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    I lost my rear lights on my 405 srdt , I found that at the same time my indicator was going fast when I used it , opened the boot pulled out the 2 rear light modules (then just unclip) last owner had used some petroleum type grease to try and give a good contact , the grease had joined to another piece of metal and formed another earth so i cleaned up my plug's and everything works fine now >(rear lights only)
    I would check your fuses also especially if you have had no lights at all on the back
    The front lights sound like you may have a bad connection somewhere , I would look under the bonnet and check all your plugs onto your lights but also all other accessible plugs , my other pug had a problem with the lights dimming and brightening as i drove along I cleaned all the connectors i could find under the bonnet and all works fine now , (note these connectors didn't have anything to do with the lighting circuit but I suspect I had an earthing problem causing an intermittent fault in the electrics as a whole , that I didn't notice during the day)
    hope this helps

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    Sounds like either an earth fault or a dodgy relay - or both. Relays ex any car parts joint for a few bucks so an easy thing to test first.
    racing 405
    1:59:09 last time at Phillip Island - less than standard Mi16.

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