Hi fellow Puggers.
My wife was comin home from work this morning and the clutch cable broke on ours/her beloved 306XSi! So I hopped on the R series BMW (BatMan'sWheels) and drove us home in 2nd gear. I used to be able to drive older Renos, Pugs and VWs without the use of clutch - smoothly. This car won't let me take it out of gear - I don't wannna force it in case it breaks.

How easy is it to get at the cable. I like to know a bit of info b4 I get the bonnet/hood up. Tools, how to hold ya tongue. Is EAI or Dapco the dudierres to get stuff from. I've forgotten such is the reliability of this car - 306s best fwd Pugs have made.
Ta, Keith