frustrating 2000K trip
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    Default frustrating 2000K trip

    Saw a 405SRDT on Aussiefrogs for sale in VIC. Spoke to the seller, who said he was having trouble starting the car, and had had the glow plugs replaced. Got the impression that it was taking a bit of winding to get going. Decided to risk the trip. Arrived there to find that the glow plug light wasn't coming on AT ALL, and the car just refused to start.

    The sorry part of the story is that I was shown an invoice dated 6th January 2012 for the replacement of all four glow plugs. Invoice was from Gippsland Prestige Motors, traralgon, vic. (registered Peugeot dealer)

    The invoice ended with the words to the effect that it was all working.

    Apparently, the seller had informed them that it was NOT working only five days later, and they had told him that this was not their problem, and that they were not prepared to have the car back.

    I might add that I saw a separate (paid) invoice for $4.5k to the same firm for work on this car/ motor.


    Apart from giving these 'service' people all the publicity they deserve, does anyone have any suggestions to help out fellow frogger ?

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    Had a CFA Landie carted off the mountains to be fixed at that place. When we came to pick it up it was still filthy, the windscreen even had it's writing the DMO's had put on it. The guys picking it up were in street uniform but the seats, interior were still covered in ash. By the time we had asked for the windscreen to be cleaned we were on the point of being thrown out. Thought it was a most ordinary place.

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    the problem might now only be the heater relay.

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    Hi. That is a obvious one for the Small Claims Tribunal - rogues like that must get their come uppance - even if it's a bit inconvenient dragging them through it. Usually just the letter from the tribunal is enough to get the rogues acting to avoid the 'black mark' against the company.

    Google Small Claims Tribunal - they make it all pretty easy.


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