205 gti suspension setup
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    Default 205 gti suspension setup

    I have a set of Gaz coilover on my widebody 205 gti,
    The car was doing great in low speed corner I.e.tight bend 60-80kph, but became extremely unstable at speed even in stright line.

    There was some play on the front wheel, after set of tie rod and control arm, it still drive the same.
    I started to think it is cause by the wider 15x8 wheel which zero offset.

    After a lot of research, I looked at the roll center of the car, the wishbone on my car was flat instead of pointing upward, then I adjust the ride height back to stock, by compressing the spring on the coilover,
    All of the suddenly, the car Handel really well even in high speed.

    While the spring rate became unbalance front and rear, cornering at about 80kph is awesome, not under steer at all.


    I never see any car on the track without lowering the ride height, is that just 205 or do most of them just being silly to make their car look cool?

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    my near normal 6" wheeled 205 is on its arse without any instability.

    you mention spring rates unbalanced which is unrelated to ride height except you are using coil overs and compressing / releasing the spring to change height.
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    Your findings are correct. There is some good information here:


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