Pug 406 petrol 2.0 surge fault
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    Default Pug 406 petrol 2.0 surge fault

    2001 Pug 406 petrol 2.0 automatic 175,000km

    Problem with engine speed surging, from normal idle to randomly bouncing 100-200-300rpm higher, and a few times even all the way to constant 1500rpm after selecting Neutral or on warm restarting. Of course that is irritating, stressing other components like the auto trans, and for moments it is undriveable. In almost all instances it calms when the Air-compressor is turned off (auto-temp Air is otherwise always on). And I swear that it happens only on humid days.

    I am not mechanical so detail is perhaps lacking. It has been to three independent MTA mechanics. My long serving guy cleaned the Throttle Body which seemed to help a little. Another listed as Pug specialist scratched his head and sent me away, and the other replaced the Air-compressor as it seemed to require more grunt to turn than normal and could be have been instructing the engine to increase power to compensate. No air leaks can be found, and the fuel system checks ok. A diagnostic report shows nothing. The major franchised dealer scares me with their charges I have experienced there for regular service. The national parts distributor say they had never imported a ECU so it is unlikely the fault. The next step may be to start replacing all the control components connections and then the controllers, but I can neither afford or justify considering the market value of the car. Anyone else had this problem ?


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    Yep, I had the same thing with my manual 99 model ST. I pulled various things like the stepper motor but eventually found the cause was simply an old air filter which was throwing the sensors into confusion.
    I think I put some very nice expensive plugs in as well though I'm pretty sure the air cleaner was all that was wrong. Hope this helps.

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